I guess it's a good day for a run in the sense that a blizzard hasn't formed like I prayed it would all day so I would have a valid excuse for skipping my run. Here are some other valid excuses for skipping a run, according to me:

-A stiff breeze made you turn around for a sweater and when you walked back outside 30 minutes later, you realized some people would describe the sun as setting. I mean, at least one person. Probably. Running in the dark is dangerous!

-You decided to go running on the greenway, but then on the way there you realized you needed to stop at the pharmacy and then you decided to get a flu shot, and there's always a chance of side effects the next day. So you thought ''better play it safe and take it easy.''

-Your dog keeps getting distracted while you're running with her and what if she made you fall and you busted a hip, you know? Slow down to a walk!

-''Shin splints.''

-You're almost at the end of your audio book.

Despite my gift for coming up with 100% solid reasons not to go running, it seems I'm getting better at it. Is it possible to become good at running out of the spite you feel for literally everyone who has ever run without being chased? As if to prove their accomplishment meant nothing? Because I think that's what might be happening here.


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