My own personal Questing Beast.

Did you ever read The Once and Future King when you were a kid? You SHOULD have. You didn't? Don't worry, that's why we have Wikipedia:

"As King Pellinore describes it, the hunt of the beast has always been the burden of the Pellinores, and all Pellinores are in fact trained for the hunt from birth… Having searched fruitlessly all his life for the beast, Pellinore is convinced by his friend Sir Grummore Grummursum to drop his quest. However, when it turns out later that the beast had been pining away for lack of attention, King Pellinore nurses it back to health and resumes his Sisyphean hunt."

I too am on a hunt. A quest, even. For The Most Perfect Walking Shoe Ever Made. I need it before I go on vacation in October. The things is that I enjoy walking while on vacation. Like between 5 and 10 miles a day. I also enjoy looking 'funky-fresh'. Look at how cute this girl looks while living out of a suitcase. Here is a graph I made:

Shoe graph

So, to summarize, I need a shoe in which I can walk 10 miles, but that is also pretty enough to wear with dresses. It can't have a heel. It must be black or brown or gold or silver or covered in glitter, because those are the only colors I like. It can't make my legs look weird. It must have an interesting detail. It has to look good with my preexisting purses. I want it to last a full three years before it falls apart.

I mean, I am a simple girl with simple (first world, entitled) needs. Why can't I get what I want?


I'm so glad someone wrote a song about my feelings and someone else made a creepy video for it.



One thought on “My own personal Questing Beast.

  1. Christina

    Have you looked at Clarks? They have some cute flats among their variety of grandma shoes.
    Also, you are going in October, perhaps you can wear some form of cute flat boot?


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