Yes, I waited this long to watch "Inception". No, I didn't think it was that awesome. I should've just watched an episode of "Foyle's War," a BBC series about a man's brave attempt to never express strong emotions with his face (and WWII). 

You'd think I would've loved "Inception", because my movie preferences when I'm by myself are dictated by two main concerns:

-Average handsomeness of cast

-My ability to fall asleep for three minutes at a time and not miss important plot points.

Inception does pretty well on both levels. No, really, it makes more sense if you take a nap halfway through.

You might be asking yourself how one goes about measuring average handsomeness in a movie. Great question. All you have to do is compare each actor to a paragon of handsomeness.

Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 11.41.11 PM

Basically, I prefer brunettes and anything that is not a Leonardo DiCaprio. I really should've gone with Foyle.