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War of the arrows

I watched "War of the Arrows" tonight, and it only took me three hours to finish it! (Movie is 2:02 long.) If there is a way to watch movies that doesn't involve reading about the Qings on Wikipedia and looking at naked pictures of Prince Harry, I don't want to know it. I feel like this worked out well, because I finished just in time to take my Ambien ten minutes ago. I read somewhere that if I stay up on Ambien, my furniture will talk to me. That's not my plan tonight, but if I could choose one inanimate object to hallucinate about it would definitely be a picture of this guy from the movie:


Look at that forehead! Great job, CGI guys! Whoever said that putting a human facial expression on a tiger would make it way scarier was SO RIGHT.



Yes, I waited this long to watch "Inception". No, I didn't think it was that awesome. I should've just watched an episode of "Foyle's War," a BBC series about a man's brave attempt to never express strong emotions with his face (and WWII). 

You'd think I would've loved "Inception", because my movie preferences when I'm by myself are dictated by two main concerns:

-Average handsomeness of cast

-My ability to fall asleep for three minutes at a time and not miss important plot points.

Inception does pretty well on both levels. No, really, it makes more sense if you take a nap halfway through.

You might be asking yourself how one goes about measuring average handsomeness in a movie. Great question. All you have to do is compare each actor to a paragon of handsomeness.

Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 11.41.11 PM

Basically, I prefer brunettes and anything that is not a Leonardo DiCaprio. I really should've gone with Foyle.




Grimm Crane

I signed up for an online lit class on Coursera: "Fantasy and Science Fiction: the Human Mind, Our Modern World." Have you heard of this thing, Coursera? It's pretty neat. My particular class is being taught by a U of Michigan professor. Yesterday, we submitted our first essays. The way grading works–because it's free for now and a bajillion people are taking the class–is that everything is reviewed by a group of your peers. So today I read five little essays on the Brothers Grimm's "Household Stories". Some were awful and one was GREAT, as you might expect. Mine was ok, I think.

My father is taking a Finance class, apparently. I'm trying to talk him into taking a World History class with me in the fall. I wonder what would happen if we had to peer-review each other. I AM PREPARED TO FAIL YOU, DAD. Just fyi.


Molly won an Olympic medal, which I reproduce below:

Molly medal