Nothing-to-Do Puppy.

When I was little, my dad used to read me this book called "Nothing-to-Do Puppy." As far as I can remember, it's about this little dog who is so, so bored. The lesson is that boredom is just an illusion blablabla there's always something to do blabla. Only boring people get bored. That is not actually my current problem. 

I've graduated from school, which is exciting! And I'm working on a novel, which is more exciting! Except that a lot of the time it feels like nothing is happening. I have this enormous reading list of books that are for research, which aren't really fun to write about here. All my time is taken up with this silly project. Hmmm.

Anyway, I was looking through my phone today and I found the following list I made while at the airport a few weeks ago and then forgot about.

Some People You (I) Always See at Airports

1. People who cannot stop talking, ever. This is a disease exacerbated by whatever is going on at the airport.

2. Passenger who has never traveled before and is shocked by TSA's aggressive 'mope and grope' policy.

3. On the other hand, the guy who manages to walk through the checkpoint sarcastically. Oh, I'm gonna put my hands up now! Here they are! Oh, wow are they up! Whatever.

4. Girl suspiciously well dressed and made up for 4 am. ARE YOU A VAMPIRE? Please make me one of you.

5. One Latin American teenager with Louis Vuitton luggage.

6. Middle-aged Dominican man with mother who does not speak English.

7. Oddly accurate flight attendant who tells you you'll start boarding in three minutes.

8. A family dressed in pyjamas, carrying pillows. Almost always headed to foreign destination.

9. Some person making a weird list on her phone. God, wtf.


3 thoughts on “Nothing-to-Do Puppy.

  1. Jen

    Congrats on graduating, Ana!!!!!
    I will buy your novel and stalk you on your book tour when you are enormously successful – just please make me an extra when your books are made into movies and introduce me to Jon Stewart when you’re promoting your book on his show. ❤

  2. Ana

    Thanks, Jen! I promise if I ever meet Jon Stewart, whether it’s because I write a really good book, or because hiding in an alley by the Daily Show studios finally yields a positive result, that you will also meet Jon Stewart.


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