Guess who’s back…

TyrionGame of Thrones is back, you guys, and I am super, super excited. I have to say, watching this show, having read the books, is like looking at the facebook pictures of a vacation that you took that you loved. I mean, if every one of your facebook albums had one gratuitous picture of a prostitute just really going for it with Awkward, Silent Extra Number 4. But no matter! It's great to have the show while I wait for "The Winds of Winter" to get written.

I wish there was more Night's Watch stuff, because the love between Sam and Jon is totally blooming in my mind. I am thinking those two are going to go full on Sam and Frodo, although I hope not because that nonsense was the worst on film. I wish there was a character that was just a Night's Watch prostitute. Maybe then that part of the story would get some more attention. 

I am also considering taping a picture of boobs (not mine, possibly Molly's) to each manuscript that I send out. It sells, right?!


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