I’m down in the DR, and here is what I am reading.


Photo on 3-29-12 at 3.43 PM #2
(My name is Ana, and I like to hide behind the written word. Also, I have chipped nails. I'm sorry if this isn't living up to the glamorous image you had in your head from reading so much fanciness that I've written. Also, this is my brother's room. I notice he has stolen my copy of The Westing Game. Guess what, jerk? I stole your Babar. What now? What. now.)

I miss Molly, but it's nice to be home regardless, sitting in my parents' little garden. I'm going to go put some workout pants on so I can…continue to sit here with Italo Calvino.

Did I get drunk with my parents last night? Yes, yes I did. Did I watch Nuria Piera afterwards? Yes, yes I did.


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