Monthly Archives: April 2012

A little bit of Charleston.

Recently I spend a really wonderful weekend in Charleston. I didn't take any pictures (AGAIN) because I was too busy relaxing my face off and eating everything. Anyway, can I just tell you? I had a roast duck club at Bull St. Gourmet that changed my life and this steak at Husk that makes me want to cry from joy even now and pimento cheese grits at SNOB that were basically just the ne plus ultra of cheese grits.

And it was SO pretty.

Charleston is a perfect weekend trip that everyone should take. When I got home on Sunday, I refused to fall asleep until way late, just so I could hold on to that perfect-weekend feeling a little longer. Go there if you get the chance!


For my writing friends…

I have only recently started submitting my short stories for publication in a systematic way, and yesterday I found this great website (that you probably already know about, but I'm going to share it anyway): duotrope.

It lets you search for suitable lit mags with all sorts of different criteria (like acceptance ratio…whether they pay…how long your story/poem/whatever is), and you can track your submissions. I am still using my little excel spreadsheet that I made a few months ago for that, but anyway, it's pretty awesome.

It's like the Novel and Short Story Writer's Market, but less professional, and a lot more…desperate, I think is the word I'm looking for.

Edit: well, the link is working now. I need to stop throwing up posts in a hurry.

Recent Acquisitions

I should really finish a book sometime, but instead I got two new ones on my kindle:

Wolfhall A heart so white

I actually got "A Heart So White" in Spanish…google reminded me that this is a line from ol' Macbeth. Lady Macbeth says: "My hands are of your color, but I shame/ To wear a heart so white." The more you know…

This was a pretty strange, nice, busy weekend. I fiiiiinally put the finishing touches on my craft essay. I am not so impressed with myself, as far as that goes, but it was helpful in terms of my own writing, and thinking about writing a little historical novel. Ye historye, you guys.


I like to think of Easter as the resurrection of FUN, because it's finally warm (most years, anyway…this year, we are all about being unseasonable here in Charlotte).

Anyway, now that I'm done being sacrilegious, my imaginary best friend Michael K, of DListed, posted about this fine lady on his website yesterday:


Her name is Fefita La Grande (Fefita The Large One, gringo), and she is OBVIOUSLY Dominican. Sparkly leopard print pants, wigs, and accordions go together like bread, butter, and jam. She makes me so happy, and I'm not even being ironic. She's totally on Spotify, too. I asked my dad if he'd heard of her and he was like "Yeah, she plays in Las Terrenas sometimes." Fefita, we have a date.