Some Places to Eat in Williamsburg

I am no expert, obviously, and this is going to be a tiny list, but I'm writing it down anyway, so I don't forget and so you know.

For brunch: Egg on Saturday and Diner on Sunday. Egg was only a short wait and the bacon was really, really good, plus they brought me a free donut hole. I had a delicious egg on toast with cheese and tomato. Diner was a little pricey but the potatoes and omelet (as I mentioned in my last post) were, like, transcendental. Pies n Thighs is really, really good Southern food, which I know is sort of ironic for me, since I live in NC, but the biscuits are better than anything I've had here in Charlotte. Same for the BBQ at Fette Sau. I mean, that was the best pulled pork I have EVER had. They sell it by the pound and there are no plates here. You just put it on a paper towel. I want to eat everything off a paper towel now. La Superior had some really good carne asada tacos, perfectly fried tortilla chips, and very good guac. The dirty chai at Atlas Cafe was pretty good (plus, one block away). The sandwiches at Lodge Deli were huge, very good, and contained the spiciest mustard I have ever tasted (perfection!).

On the OTHER hand, the drinks everywhere were WEAK. Come on guys. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DANCE?

Speaking of which, I went to cardio funk today, where I made the following discoveries:

-I know the choreography to Move Your Body (Get Me Bodied?) in its entirety, for absolutely no reason. I mean, for absolutely no reason UNTIL TODAY. I knew this day would come.

-The best thing about class is that moment when you're working so hard and are so euphoric (DANCE! IS! MY! LIFE!) that you realize you have lost conscious control over your body parts and are, I don't know, throwing up gang signs because everyone else is? 

-I lied, because the best part about dance is the middle-aged guy who is breaking it down to chanting ("Melvin! Melvin!") from the teenage girls around him. I mean, breaking it down for real.

-The worst part is the teenager who is throwing her leg in your space. Girl, be aware of your space! Who are you?! Molly?!


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