Writing Notes

One of the things that I come up against often as I am writing is the problem of integrating historical research into a story without sounding like Ken Burns (well, the dollar-store version of Ken Burns) has momentarily taken over narration. 

I know it sounds like I'm about to present a solution to this problem, but actually I'm not, because I don't have one. I'd like to have one. At first I was thinking of doing my craft seminar (due in April! please kill me!) on the uses of setting, but lately I'm leaning more towards this subject. I mean I already know how to use setting, more or less. Also, I'm looking down the barrel of a historical novel once I finish my thesis. So there's that.

Anyway, lately I've been appreciating music I can write to. In particular, I've been finding Django Reinhardt helpful. I think it's such joyful noise…it sort of reminds me that the main objective of creative work should be a sort of joy (and not the feeling that I sometimes get of wanting to strangle something). Actually, it's not quite joy I'm thinking about, it's more like a feeling of being in a state of grace, of perfect order and chaos at once. Do you know what I mean? I'm SORRY things are getting so serious.

Now that I'm coming to the end of my MFA, which is the main reason I started this blog (to keep track of what I was reading), I'm trying to decide what direction to take things in. I've really been digging, for a while, the food-memoir-and-recipe-blog format, where there's a recipe that inspires reminiscing and story-telling. I've been wondering how that would work with books. I mean, we're going to find out together, reader. I hope you're excited to read my pointless musings on life in addition to my pointless musings on books. Don't worry, I promise to stop when this gets embarrassing (hahaha, no, I really don't know how to do that).


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