Gonna drop like a stone.

Can we talk about how obsessed I am with the Talking Heads song "Sax and Violins" lately?


Because I am totally obsessed. It's so deliciously…New Wave-y. I think? It's about more than the song; it's about the Wim Wenders film it came from ("Until the End of the World"; a movie that is probably better in my memory than in reality and that I always felt would've made a really good book…why don't people ever do this?) (Did you know that Peter Carey co-wrote the screenplay?).

You know what I need to read? A really good, tragic romance. Of the non-cheesy variety. "Oscar and Lucinda"? 

We are criminals that never broke no laws. And all we needed was a net to break our fall, you know? No? Yes–

OH MY GOD, get back to work, Ana, your thesis is due in like four days.


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