A review of book #6 of the Amelia Peabody series by “Michael”, standing in for all our moms.

From Audible.com:

"Not half Bad, but get a room!

I like E. Peters' stories of Peabody et. al. As with long series I sometimes get confused as to the chronology of the story [EDIT: we humbly suggest you may be reading them out of order]. In this one, Ramses is a young boy and in some I found him as a young adult [EDIT: we understand that it is confusing when time passes]. The characters are always consistent though. Stories of lost civilizations are usually interesting to me and this one was partially developed and left lots of questions [EDIT: we cannot disagree that the book failed to contain all of ancient Egyptian history, but we love pie!]

Really, the only reason I wrote this review was that Emerson and Peabody seemed to spend a lot of time in the sack. I'm no prude, but it seemed like they were "getting busy" in every chapter. Their special moments were alluded to in a Victorian vocabulary; the author was trying to use every subtle phrase to indicate the onset of the physical act. Peabody seemed to be quite horny, but the reader is left wondering just how did they "Do it" with all those clothes, the sand, and the baying of the camels [EDIT: RIGHT?]. Thus, it is requested that more details be provided or that their rabbit-like natures be minimized." 

Dear Michael, I love you.


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