Food and travel things.

One of the things that I read about a lot is food. I am thinking of every once in a while gathering up things that I'd like to try out sometime in my kitchen so that if you, my dearest reader, like cooking, you can try them too.

Things like Nigel Slater's chicken curry, Food52's lamb merguez, or vegetable curry. Banh mi (mon amour!) or sardine pate (for real) or carrot soup with miso, or spaghetti with braised kale or this salmon from the Goop newsletter a few weeks ago (no link? no link!) (again, because it was delicious, except for the collards it was wrapped in, which were weird) or another Ivy-style chopped salad (ol' Goopy has the best recipes, coupled with the worst health advice).

I hope you're all cooking something so delicious this week that you just end up eating it over the stove because you sort of forget to sit down.

Meanwhile, when it comes to travel, let me introduce you to the Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore in Buenos Aires. I want to go to there.



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