Blackout by Connie Willis


I have recently been reading so many wonderful things about Willis. So many. But this book is garbage, Hugo award or not. It's a really great little novel about ordinary people living through the war in England, and especially The Blitz in London COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED by boring time travel nonsense and ridiculous sitcom plotting. Look, lady, if you're a science fiction author, that's awesome, but not everything you write has to be science fiction all the time every day. How is it even possible to make a theoretical Nazi victory during WWII so spine-crushingly boring? Also, I have never wanted to strangle a bunch of protagonists more. I mean, my dog Molly has more common sense than these people and that is saying something, because Molly eats tissues out of the garbage like they're candy.

I'm going to read the sequel, "All Clear". But only because I already made the grievous error of purchasing it and can't return it. I look forward to reviewing it sometime, and by reviewing, I mean eviscerating it and then dancing on the viscera.

God, 2012, even your books are terrible.


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