CBR III Week 15: A Dance with Dragons by George R R Martin


It's finally here! Now we can all talk about it! I mean, right? No?

So you know how one of Martin's favorite things in this world is killing off important characters?


via PinkIndiaInk

Right. I like that he's willing to go there, you know? I really do. It's annoying to read a book where the main characters have plot armor. Here's the thing though: at what point does killing people off lose its shock value and become a "really, again?" thing? Sure, the world is a bleak and horrible place where stupidity and violence tend to triumph over all good things and…

Wait, where was I going with this? All those things are true. I wonder if Martin's concern with duty in this novel and specifically the way power and responsibility constrain those who would have them is a result of the struggle he's had pleasing fans and finishing this massive installment. A bridge too far?

Anyway, I read this, fangirled so hard I died, and then I came back to life. I think George would approve.


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