Happy Blogday!

Today is the blog's officially official first birthday. It's been a whole year since I was in China on a business trip with my dad, reading The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, when I decided PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW WHAT I THINK. Born of boredom! Maintained out of the need for continuous attention! I love you, blog! In one year I have:

-Read more than 40 books (by my not-very-accurate count).

-Written about 26 books.

-Pimped my dog out for internet traffic 6 times.

-Made loving fun of Anthropologie 3 times.

-Read the NYTimes book review 2 times ( sad face!).

I have also finished a draft of my thesis and realized that I need to rewrite the whole thing! Things around here are pretty thrilling. Next year: more books! Maybe a little fiction written by yours truly (more on this later)! More Molly! Even if she doesn't want to.

Photo (1) Photo (2)

Pictures courtesy of Chandler!


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