Pleased as punch.

I recently subscribed to both One Story and the New Yorker, because it was CHEAP (I paid like 60 for two years of the NYer!). Last year, I got a useless travel magazine that I read a lot and a food magazine that I didn't read at all. But I love this year's magazines! I'm so pleased! They're providing me with just the kind of reading that is perfect for when I take myself out on a burger date. Oh, you don't take yourself on burger dates? Some people are afraid of being out in public ALONEOMG, but I sort of enjoy the quietude I feel when I can observe people, which is delightful, while simultaneously not having to entertain anyone, and being able to retreat to the comfort of my reading. I feel like a small island in a river, or whatever, I'm not trying to write a poem up in this blog.

Anyway, speaking of burgers, I've been reading a lot of mormon hipster housewife blogs ever since that Salon article*. Maybe something that happens when you spend a lot of time in your house is that you begin to crave junk food, because they talk about burgers and donuts a lot. I identify with this very deeply. To the point where I've started to wonder if maybe I'm a Mormon at heart, which is maybe a sign I should pull back. However, all my favorite personal-life blogs have sort of petered out over the last year. This funny lady got a novel, and this person got married. So, yay, Mormons, for being available to my busybodyness.

So, my favorite by far is Nat. She's adorable. And she's funny! Then there's this girl, who has a really pretty life. I'm telling you this in case you needed something to read that was basically the literary equivalent of candy, which, who doesn't? Duh.

 *What happened was one of those really unfortunate things where you laugh at people who are exactly like you, except that they have some weird obsession or behavior, and then some ten minutes later, you yourself have acquired that obsession or behavior and are totally puzzled by it. HOW CAN IT BE THAT WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON AND NOW ANOTHER THING…oh. I think this pretty much explains all of hipsterdom and why nobody likes hipsters.


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