This Week in Books.

Remember that time I was like "I'm gonna do this every week!" and then immediately failed? Neither do I!

Let's talk NYTBR: since I last posted, the critics and editors overwhelmed us with their many, many best-of-the-year lists, so that we could run out and stimulate the economy. I, reader, am here to help you by telling you what the best LIST is.

This was a tough choice. Doesn't Major Pettigrew's Last Stand sound pretty much like an ideal book to drink hot chocolate to? Doesn't Goon Squad sounds really intriguing? Don't you want to go on vacation in Paris with Graham Robb? Is Freedom going to keep getting tongue-bathed by book critics? 


I'm going to give it to Maslin, because I'm reading Tana French's Faithful Place right now and it's the best thing that has happened to me, mystery-wise, all year. Kakutani is predictable and Garner is a little too non-fiction-y. So there you have it.

Here are all the lists (all the lists? all the lists!):

Janet Maslin 

Michiko Kakutani

Dwight Garner

The Top 100

The Top 10


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