A Book-Buying Break.

I am currently taking a break from buying books, since I recently organized my shelves and found that I have like a hundred books that I haven't read. That is not an exaggeration. For you, I have taken a picture of my Shelves of Shame (not to be confused with the Shelf of Despair, which is where I keep books that I will never read):

Shelves of Shame December 10

Basically, I can't buy another book until I've whittled my to-read section down to two shelves. SIGH. It's hard, you guys, it's really hard.

You'll notice my tiny collection of comic books at the bottom right. DO NOT WORRY. I have read all of them. I know: what a relief that I read Wanted. What if I'd been silly enough to use that time to read Don Quixote? That would've been so tragic.


3 thoughts on “A Book-Buying Break.

  1. Ana

    built-ins at the parents’ house! i got em basically just by pushing my mother’s cookbooks into the corner. i’m living the dream.
    no, but i really love these shelves, and will be sad when i move out and lose them. eventually.

  2. Jenevieve Lee

    i’m glad to know i’m not the only one with aspirational piles of books that i haven’t made my way through… 🙂 i feel like such a fraud/goof whenever i see them.


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