On the docket

Tomorrow, I'm going to get my fall reading list for school, and then you'll get nothing but close, careful readings (not really) for like two months. I have so many books I'd planned to read before this happened. I think I have time to read at least one more thing before my books actually arrive in the mail, what with my procrastination and the USPS. Here are the books that I am considering maligning and misinterpreting before The Great Reading descends upon me:

"I Capture the Castle"

"At Swim-Two-Birds" (I started this, but I'm not fully committed)

"The Unbearable Lightness of Being"

A mystery, which might be either "The Terra-Cotta Dog" or "Death at La Fenice"

Oh, and I still need to read "Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper"

This reminds me that I own a whole lot of stuff I haven't read. I think this begs the questions: why do I still buy books?

I don't have an answer, except to say that I'm definitely going to get to "The Charterhouse of Parma" someday. And "Magic Mountain". And if I don't own them how can I get to them? What am I, a list-making magician?


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