My MFA reading list for May Residency 2010

Longer Works:

The Blue Flower
(Penelope Fitzgerald)

From Where We Dream
(Robert Olen Butler)

Loss of Face (Charles

Mao II (Don DeLillo)

Toni Morrison’s Nobel
Lecture in Literature, 1993

The Great Gatsby (F.
Scott Fitzgerald)

Stop-Time (Frank

I Could Tell You
Stories (Patricia Hampl)

Sound and Sense

Spreading the Word:
Editors on Poetry (Corey and Slesinger)

The Sweet Hereafter
(screenplay) (Atom Egoyan)

Doubt (screenplay)
(John Patrick Stanley)

Short Stories:

Where Are You Going,
Where Have You Been? (Joyce Carol Oates)

A Good Man is Hard to
Find (Flannery O’Connor)

Sonny’s Blues (James

The Magic Barrel
(Bernard Malemud)

From “Sudden Fiction”:

Five Ives (Roy Blount

The Moving (James

Yours (Mary Robinson)

Popular Mechanics
(Raymond Carver)

Say Yes (Tobias Wolff)

The Hit Man (TC Boyle)

I See You Never (Ray

Dinner Time (Russell

The Anatomy of Desire
(John L’Heureux)

Class Notes (Lucas

Tickits (Paul

The Sock (Lydia Davis)

Any Minute… (David

Blind Girls (Jayne
Anne Phillips)

I feel sometimes like
my lack of love for/ memory of The Great Gatsby is some sort of moral failure.
I feel guilty just thinking about it. Obviously I am extremely excited about
re-purchasing and re-reading it. Obviously.


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