200 Word Review: Amazon Kindle

The good: It won’t give you a glare headache and the
battery lasts (for me) for about five or six hundred pages. You can get your
books anywhere [that I have tried, which now includes the Dominican Republic
and China, as well as the US] and it’s really handy for checking your email
where ATT fails you or is prohibitively expensive (so, everywhere). And the
internet is free for now! So you can look up things like “what is the
difference between ceramic and porcelain?” from some obscure museum in
Hangzhou, while your father gets yelled at for touching things.

The bad: Not in color. A little slow to respond to
buttons. If you love love books, you’ll find it frustrating that a lot of
modern classics aren’t available yet. Like “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”
(reeeeeally, rights holder?). However, you will also scroll through your dozens
of books, which you can haul with you absolutely anywhere, and practically
explode with delight. So, it’s a mixed bag.

A pinata is also a mixed bag, and nobody doesn't like those


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