200 Word Movie Review: The Secret in Their Eyes


The good: Great acting, and by people who are not
alienating in their attractiveness. One of the best things about foreign movies
is that so often the people on screen are not OHMYGOD THESE WHITE TEETH.
They’re just people. The story is super-twisty, but in a way that is easy to
follow. Also, it incorporates Argentine history with a really light touch. The
more you know, I suspect, about what happened during the Peron years, the
richer the movie becomes, but it’s hardly a prerequisite. The movie is
funny. Especially if you speak Spanish.

The bad: The subtitles are…inadequate. The ending is
operatic where the rest of the movie is sort of subtle, so there’s a shift in
tone that’s a little jarring. But, it’s a well-earned ending. Even my boyfriend
liked it, though I think he would want me to mention that going to the movies
is a completely pointless and expensive experience generally. I do not share
this opinion, but I respect it in the sense that I am constantly working
against it. If his disdain were a river, I would be paddling upstream towards
some village called “Let’s Put Beer in the Side-Pocket of My Purse*”.

*We should do this next time.


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